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Welcome to FreeSpace Networks.
Providing solutions for the wireless industry

FreeSpace Networks design and manufacture a range of high performance industrial outdoor wireless ethernet bridging solutions. Our range of wireless products deliver an unparalleled level of performance and enable SECURE and cost effective deployment of Wi-fi across short and long range distances. Why pay for leasing for expensive optical fibres over short distances when you can use FreeSpace to network effortlessly?

Using our products Network installers and systems integrators are now able to expand networks beyond physical wired boundaries. Unlike standard technology the robustness of our technology ensures better connectivity in harsh environments and is the perfect solution for all your data, voice and video transmission requirements.



  • Building to building connectivity

  • Wireless CCTV for security, traffic monitoring

  • Large corporate and civil programs and events

  • Wi-fi access in remote locations

  • Point to point wireless bridges

  • MAN/WAN Networks

  • Data//Voice Wi-fi

  • Network Expansion

  • Wireless Backhaul

  • Fibre/Leased line backup

  • Can be accessed remotely

  • Wi-fi connectivity up to 60km

  • Are easy to use, install and maintain.

  • Are flexible to configure

  • Low power

  • Enable multiple VLAN configuration and remote transmission

  • Use a standardised, simplified management interface



Our strict adherence to high security ensures that you can comfortably use our products secure in the knowledge that your data is safe.  Furthermore, the low carbon footprint of FreeSpace Network products is in keeping with today’s requirements for environmentally friendly products.

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