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SupportProduct Documentation
Revision 1.6.14 Freedom AP/CPE user guide is now available to download. This user guide covers the embedded on-board webserver interface and setting up the device. Download from here.

Wifi Monitor
Wifi Monitor is our Java based wireless monitoring software. This allows the user to search and manage a range of Abicom based products

Download from here.

Wireless Range and Fresnel Zone Calculator
Our free calculator can be downloaded from here.

Firmware Releases

Freedom FWA (Revision 3 &4) Version V4.2.7.399 (Experimental)

Freedom FWA (Revision 3 &4) Version V4.2.8.29 (Stable Release)

Freedom CPE (Revision 5) version V1.6.15.121
Freedom CPE (Revision 5) version V1.6.15.61
Freedom CPE (Revision 5) version V1.6.14.109


Please contact Abicom for access to older firmware revisions.

FreedomCPE firmware recovery guide

Details on how to recover a FreedomCPE board that has corrupted firmware can be found here

V3 Firmware Recovery guide

OpenWRT Documentation for FreedomCPE

OpenWRT Bootrom upgrade now available



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