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Q2 2012 Freedom CPE-300 & Freedom CPE-Lite Announced

The Freedom CPE-300 & Freedom CPE-Lite have been announced as the latest wireless OEM boards from Abicom.

The Freedom CPE 300 is intended as a form-factor upgrade to the successful Freedom CPE wireless router board. This device will offer 2-stream wireless bridging and will deliver over 200Mbit/sec of end to end throughput capability. PoE and 12-24V dc PSU will be offered as standard.

The Freedom CPE-Lite is a radical new hardware design from Abicom, it incorporates an Atheros AR9331 which delivers high performance at very low power compsumption levels. The Freedom CPE-Lite is a 2.4GHz-only product, aimed at cost sensitive applications and delivers over 130Mbit/sec of throughput. The Freedom CPE-Lite incorporates 2 Ethernet ports, and can be used as a standalone device, or embedded into client applications (5V and 3.3V versions will be available).

Q2 2012 Freedom FWA Revision 4 available to pre-order

The latest version of our successful Freedom FWA platform is now available to pre-order, please contact Abicom for more information.

Q1 2012 Freedom CPE-450 Announced

Abicom is pleased to announce its Freedom CPE-450 wireless AP/Router board. This device combines a high performance enterprise class 3x3 802.11n radio with a 5 port GigaBit Ethernet Switch, all in a small form-factor board. The radio subsystem supports TX Beam forming, Spectral analysis and delivers over 300 Mbit/sec in ideal conditions. The flexibility of the Gigabit Ethernet switch allows multiple CPE-450's to be connected together in either Daisy-Chain or Star configurations, effectively creating a Hardware based Mesh or point to point network.

The Freedom CPE will be available to order from Q2 2012.

Q2 2011 Freedom OEM Module Announced

As part of our ongoing OEM development programme, we are pleased to announce our Freedom OEM module, a high performance 802.11n Wi-Fi module, aimed at embedded wireless applications that require high performance while maintaining a module footprint of only 35mmx25mm (Same size as a SD Card)

 The Freedom OEM module offers a host of features to help enable the end user to focus on their application rather than the wireless subsystem itself. These features include:


Atheros AR6103 Based RoCm
SDIO 1.x & 2.0 Interface
SPI Interface
OnChip CPU with OTP Memory
Near Zero Power consumption when Idle
Antenna Ports for Diversity

More information about the OEM Module can be found here

Q1 2011 Plug N Surf's Wobe Wi-Fi 3G Gateway is now on sale through Amazon

Plug NSurf's Wobe has now entered volume production and can now be purchased online here.

April 2010

After months of collaboration with the Opensource community, we're please to announce that the Freedom CPE 802.11abg wireless router has been added to the list of products supported by OpenWRT. Full documentation on how to install OpenWRT will be provided shortly, but in the meantime please contact Abicom for more information

UPDATE: OpenWRT Documentation for FreedomCPE

March 2010

Abicom International and Tioga announce strategic manufacturing partnership.

We're please to announce that Tioga and Abicom International have re-affirmed their strategic partnership for the design, development and manufacture of wireless and wi-fi based products. The state of the art manufacturing facilities at Tioga and the enthusiastic and highly skilled workforce are a perfect fit to Abicom's state of the art design skill. More information about Tioga can be found here

January 2010

Freedom Nx2 Platform delivers over 200 Mbps per radio of usable throughput.

In a continuing series of outdoor trials, the Freedom CPE, with it's latest high power radio upgrade can now deliver over 200Mbit/sec of actual data at 10 kilometers, establishing the Freedom Nx2 and Abicom International as one of the best performing wireless solutions on the market today.

October 2009
Freedom Nx2 upgraded to support two +26dBm 802.11 wireless modules

August 2009

Plugnsurf selects Abicom as its OEM development partner.

Leading wireless connectivity provider, Plugnsurf, has selected Abicom to jointly develop Wobe. The Wobe seamlessly integrates Wi-fi and 3G mobile technologies to provide an unparalleled level of internet connectivity.


May 2009

Abicom International announces its Freedom Nx2 Platform

The first production samples of the Freedom Nx2 are now ready and we will shortly be evaluating the long distance performance of the Nx2 platform.

January 2009
Freespace Networks demonstates the FS2000-N wireless bridge, based upon the Freedom Nx2 wireless platform

December 2008
New website launched

May 2008
FreeSpace Networks demonstrates it product range at IFSEC.

September 2007
In a series of recent trials, Wireless Solutions Vendor, FreeSpace Networks and Abicom International have sucessfully demonstrated the long range, high capacity capability of the FS2000 Wireless Bridge. Our modelling suggested that we should be able to achieve a usable range of 18km@54Mbit/sec, this has now been demonstrated. Further work is planned to demonstrate that the FS2000 device can deliver 34km @ 36Mbit/sec and 60km@18Mbit/sec.

January 2007
Freedom CPE Rev05 available.

As part of the Freedom MFR development, we've upgraded the Freedom CPE to offer better performance and improved PSU options. The Freedom CPE supports either 2.4GHz 802.11b/g or 5GHz 802.11a operation using a single MAC. It's small footprint (85mmx85mm) makes it ideal for integration into customers own equipment.

Enhanced features are available, including 108Mbps Turbo mode, extended range mode, real-time data compression, and packet bursting for higher throughput.

January 2006
Freedom CPE Rev03 available.

Freedom CPE has now been upgraded to offer additional optional features. These include 8Mbyte Flash memory, 12-24VDC non-POE input (for battery applications) and remote LED option (for custom enclosures).

July 2005
Freedom CPE available, Freedom AP upgraded to support PoE.

Abicom International is now shipping the FreedomCPE OEM module to customers. Further details can be obtained by contacting Abicom. The FreedomAP module has now been upgraded to provide support for Power over Ethernet. Please contact Abicom for further details. A revised datasheet will be available shortly.

November 2004
Freedom CPE announced.

The "Freedom CPE" module is the latest addition the the Freedom range from Abicom. It's designed as the ideal partner to the "Freedom AP", giving lower cost single channel, dual band capability. The small form factor of the "Freedom CPE" makes it ideal for integration into CPE and other small footprint housings, whilst still delivering the same outstanding performance of the "Freedom AP" module.

July 2004
Freedom AP demonstrates 65 Mbps over 1.3km and 35Mbps at 9km.

In a series of outdoor field trials, Freedom AP has demonstrated its exceptional capability by delivering 65Mbit/sec over a 1.3 km 5.8GHz WDS link. The results of further field trials will be announced shortly.

May 2004
Abicom announces it's "Freedom AP".

Freedom AP is a high performance wireless platform that can be tailored to a variety of applications. It is suited to FWA applications, including wireless bridges; wireless Internet backbones, hotspot, and last mile access. "Freedom AP " is built around a dual channel, concurrent, 2GHz & 5GHz AP chipset that is capable of delivering user data-rates in excess of 60Mbit/second simultaneously on both wireless channels.

October 2003
Abicom joins Atheros AADC program.

Abicom International is proud to announce that it has joined the Atheros Authorized Design Center Program (AADC). More information about the program, and the services that Abicom can now offer to clients can be found at www.atheros.com.

September 2003
Abicom International's UK office relocates.
We've moved our UK office.
Our new address is:

          Abicom International Ltd.
          The Old Grammar School
          Phoenix Bank
          Market Drayton
          TF9 1JR

          44 (0)1630 655933

May 2002
Abicom International joins PFWACC.

Abicom International joins the Public Fixed Wireless Access Consultative Committee. This is a UK government committee aimed at setting up a 3GHz Public FWA system within the United Kingdom.

February 2002
Abicom completes 5GHz study for Japanese ISP.

Abicom International completes a study on the availability of 4.9GHz technology and the feasibility of utilising 802.11a technology for use in the Japanese band.


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