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Welcome to Abicom


About Us..
Abicom International was founded in 2001 and has an international clientbase, offering professional design, development and consultancy services.

We Provide..

A range of customisable OEM solutions and bespoke design services based upon the popular Atheros wireless/wi-fi chipsets. As an Atheros Authorised Design center (AADC) we can also help you design, develop and manufacture your own range of products. We also offer full technology licensing for clients wishing to develop their own wireless/802.11 solutions.

We also offer full wireless protocol development, for applications that cannot be supported by standard 802.11 applications and have developed a strong background in 5.8GHz Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) systems, Point to point and point to multipoint development.

Abicom's expertise helps customers deliver high performance products targeting both mainstream and niche markets worldwide and our engineers can develop products for both 802.11 and non 802.11 radio systems.

Our expertise extends across the full range of 802.11 wi-fi standards and we have the capability to develop bespoke systems at up to 26GHz. Our range of 802.11n 5GHz products are some of the highest performing systems on the market, delivering upto 210MBps of usable data bandwidth.

Latest News


Abicom acquired FreeSpace Networks

Introducing the Freedom CPE-Lite

Coming soon! A new range of Freedom CPE boards.

OpenWRT Documentation for FreedomCPE

Abicom announces OpenWRT support for the Freedom CPE wireless bridge router.

After months of collaboration with the Opensource community, we're please to announce that the Freedom CPE 802.11abg wireless router has been added to the list of products supported by OpenWRT. Full documentation on how to install OpenWRT will be provided shortly, but in the meantime please contact Abicom for more information

PlugNsurf selects Abicom as its OEM development partner.

Leading wireless connectivity provider, Plugnsurf, has selected Abicom to jointly develop Wobe. The Wobe seamlessly integrates Wi-fi and 3G mobile technologies to provide an unparalleled level of internet connectivity.


Freedom Nx2 wireless module upgraded to +26dBm at both 2.4 & 5.xGHz modes

The first production samples of the new high power 802.11n modules are now available and deliver up to 26dBm output power at 5GHz..



Freedom Nx2 Platform delivers over 200 Mbps per radio of usable throughput.

In a continuing series of outdoor trials, the Freedom CPE, with it's latest high power radio upgrade can now deliver over 200Mbit/sec of actual data at 6 kilometers, establishing the Freedom Nx2 and Abicom International as one of the best performing wireless solutions on the market today.

Abicom International announces its Freedom Nx2 Platform

The first production samples of the Freedom Nx2 are now ready and we have already demonstrated 300Mbit/sec over a distance of 6km, delivering an end to end throughput of over 200Mbit/sec.

FreeSpace Networks selects Abicom as its OEM partner for its range of high performance outdoor wireless bridges and access points.

As a direct result of the sucess of the recent series of trials, FreeSpace Networks has now selected Abicom International as its OEM partner for the supply of wireless broadband networking products. Abicom's range of 802.11a & 802.11n OEM solutions provide a significant advantage over competing products.

Abicom International has demonstrated a viable 60.6km wireless communication link at 5.8GHz. This has confirmed the long range, high capacity capability of the FS2000 Wireless Bridge and sets FreeSpace Networks as a leader in the field of broadband communications.

More information about FreeSpace Networks and the complete product range can be found on their website.


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